Rant rant rant

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I should stop reading the news.bbc.co.uk because there’s always something on there to piss me off.

Tonight there are two stories the first _really_ gets to me:
“Schools should be fined for illiteracy, says riot panel”
“Fine schools for poor literacy” – what a master stroke, put all the emphasis on the school failing them. Obviously it’s the schools, that’s where you learn EVERYTHING in life. Parents aren’t involved at all, or society, or the child themselves.
Teachers seem to be facing a barrage of bullshit lately and especially from our own government about how it’s the schools that are failing kids. No emphasis is made about the child, or their home situation, or the background and environment they live in – nope, it’s all the schools fault. This in the same week as reports that suggest that schools should act as surrogate families to give children the support some of them don’t receive at home.

It pisses me off. Almost – almost – every teacher I’ve known as a kid growing up was working damned hard, often seemingly against government and local education authorities, to do their best for me. I say that as someone who went through special needs, truanting, being bullied extensively and finally left with 6 GCSEs compared to the average 9, and only 3 of those C or above. It took a lot of help to get me that far.

Since I’ve grown up I’ve met many more teachers, friends have become teachers,is a primary school teacher and I constantly see them all working long hours and taking their work not just home with them but letting it dominate their lives in many ways that those of us in regular careers just don’t face most of the time.

How about fining the parents for poor literacy? The teachers will have battled their way through years of large classes with seriously disruptive students, little to no support, the parents are sometimes violent and abusive, the pressure is unending, OFSTED will turn up at random and if you don’t demonstrate actual progression within a 20minute monitoring session you FAIL the inspection, and all the government seems to do is blame the teachers for everything.

What next? Were the riots actually the schools fault? Should there be an anti-rioting class? Or were the teachers not caring enough? Or too soft? Or not educated enough? Or too elitist due to their education?

Bahh, fucking idiots.

The other thing that annoyed me was this one about Google and British MPs being “unconvinced” about the reasons for not pro-actively filtering content:
“Google under fire in UK MPs report into privacy”
Which is what you get when the technically savvy face off against the technologically illiterate… it’s probably the schools fault somehow.

Casual Hobbyist

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Today I implemented part two of font rendering from font’s exported using BMFont, a handy tool for creating texture pages of fonts. Surprisingly painless! I’ll probably share the code at some point with a simple OpenGL app. Most of the code comes a post on GameDev.net by Promit but rendering blocks of coding and handling formatting is taking more thought. It will in no way be “good” code :)

Also of note; I got one of those home energy monitors, deliberately getting one with the ability to pull XML formatted data of it :) currently highest to get the highest score… I mean the lowest! Lowest, must remember that!

Currently my entire house is using 166 watts… now I just need something to compare that too.

Long time no post… no, not really

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gloomie_cookie informs me that she hasn’t posted for a year!

What have I been upto? It was my little sisters (she’s 30, not that little) wedding on Saturday, I wore a suit with tails, photos will be destroyed from orbit. It was a nice event, even the church blessing on Sunday was ok although I did have to sing… that wasn’t good. I think if you removed all of the other problems with religion there’d still be the singing and fucking retarded hymns to put me off.

Other than that, working, lots of working.


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The FreeSynd project is an open source reimplementation of the Bullfrog game Syndicate… but what’s even more awesome than that is that I just found I can dump out EVERY LEVEL as giant images :D :D :D

How fucking happy am I?!?

Almost makes being in Manchester with nothing better to do seem worthwhile! I had to export them at 8000x8000px but hey it was WORTH IT!

GameCity Nights

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Anyone else thinking of going too the next GameCity Nights?

It’s been a while since I last went along and I should be around this Thursday evening… I might even stay sober this time!

I had a good weekend though.

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I should know better than to say I won’t go to Assault because when I say that I inevitably do. Either Danni has a couple of drinks and we go, or I have a couple of drinks – and we go, or we just go. Suddenly it occurs that it’s been ages and whilst Danni goes and dances I just chatter some random insane shit at people I haven’t seen in ages.


Protected: Fucktards

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The man from nowhere

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Not a bad film (“The man from nowhere”), I watched it last night on LoveFilm to take a break from working. Got some awesome action bits and camera work although the story is a bit weak.

Earlier LJ was entirely in Russian for me, dunno why.

Pioneer has alpha 18 out today. Worth checking this out, I’ve been contributing bits n’ pieces too it for a while now but the major things I’ve been working on haven’t been finished yet. They probably never will be given the amount of work I’m doing at the moment.

Speaking of work… it’s, interesting. I’m actually raising the quality of the code we’re porting which is beyond mind bogglingly terrifying to think about. I don’t think this will pan out long term but right now it should pay the bills, once I actually start getting paid. Grrr.

I shouldn’t be posting..

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..because I should be doing the programming assignment/test that DICE sent me… *PANIC*

Also why the fuck isn’t there a “mood” icon for shitting-yourself-in-terror?

Cross-posted from my Google+

How do you cope with interview and test stress?
I ask as it’s currently driving me up the wall. I’ll explain shall I?

Having successfully applied and done the usual large-corporation recruiter stuff I got an email direct from the studio I’m interested in saying: “Make us a clone of game X to these specs as your programming assignment… hear from you in 4 or 5 days, kthnxbye” – straight to the point and the game to make is pretty simple, they even supply a simple library… really simple, it opens and window and draws sprites that it also loads. That’s it.

This is where I start to worry. How good does my code have to be? is this just a “can he type?” level of test or when they open my code files must the ambrosia of the gods pour forth from their monitors? Because if it’s the latter then I’m roundly fuXX0red!

The kind of code I write is must closer to the custard-of-Satan at times if I’m honest with you all. It’s not that I can’t write good solid code (I think) but that I’m resolutely entrenched in the habit of writing code that’s “good enough”. Sometimes “good enough” code is perfect and succinct, at other times it causes “The Coen” to hunt through everything I’ve ever writing cursing my name and breaks the DLC (sorry Rik).

So where do I aim my code for a test done in my spare time, whilst finding my feet at a new job for another startup. Doing it all to “Gods Ambrosia” standard isn’t feasible in that timeframe, but “Satan’s Surly Custard” sure as shit won’t get me the job.

How much complexity do I show off? How much would be too much? Do I go the complex route to show I know it? Or do I par everything back to basics so they can see that I’m not an architecture astronaut (I HATE those guys)?

This isn’t actually a plea for advice as I’m just going to write the damned code however I please just like I would for any other job. If they like it then “yay” if not then I’ll get exceedingly drunk and wee myself whilst crying…

… what I really want to know, is how do you keep yourself going when you’re anxiety at all of the above weighs in on your more rational brain?

Not much to tell.

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So, New Years went with dancing dinosaur-Em at Holly’s after a brief tour of Beestonite parties. A little bit drunken but pretty quiet.

I’ve been talked into working with my old CEO Rik again, doing mobile Apps this time. Not sure how long I’ll do this for or if it’ll really suit me. Reasons for doing this are that it’s not in London, in fact it’s going to be mostly in my own house as I’ll be working remotely after the first couple of weeks.

Guess we’ll all see just how it goes. I do wish I knew wtf I was doing with my life sometimes.