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Today to celebrate my first post i’m just going to wish gloomie_cookie the best of luck with all her exams because she’s been working really hard and deserves to do well! *HUG* love you babes!

Also i’m keeping it short because my lunchbreak is over and i think my boss will kick my arse if he catchs me slacking off anymore today…actually i think he’s in a meeting… LONG POST!

Yeah the office is really quiet today, we’ve got some guy from Intel in to evangelise about how they’re great and going to make stuff go zoowey and bang and stuff (in the good way apparently). This means that i’ve spent the entire morning doing very little, ddays like this should be good right? but i feel kinda quilty so i had a look through some jobs i’ve got waiting…yikes, i’ve gotta teach people how to submit proper bug reports! One of them was “This game runs slowly on my machine” and then the dufus didnt put in what his machine was… thats fine if it was just some random person out there but NO… WE EMPLOY THIS FOOL!

Anyway that’s my job, i fixed some code rot too so it compiled on Linux. Boy my post is dull…

Right me go now and mess up my site layout methinks afterall it’s not whats in it that counts it’s how it looks! Ain’t that right? …erm…anybody? ;)