Posted by | Posted in Life | Posted on 13-12-2015

There are times when I hate my own brain.

This isn’t a depression post by the way, that’s a different way to hate your brain ;)

No this is when I hate my brain because there’s 3 or 5 or 10 different things competing for my conscious attention and it does nothing to filter or quiet them all down.

I start on one task to try and clear the load a little but cannot concentrate due to the competing volume of other things. This I know is the ADHD I’ve always suffered from, the inability to just hold onto one thought for long because the interruptions aren’t from outside, they aren’t pressures, there’s just this constant deluge of things you feel need your attention right now, like RIGHT NOW ANDY!

This is why I actually have 3 different Git repo’s for Pioneer, plus the branches for them all and keep them all sync’d. I know that sounds crazy but it means that I can have multiple instances of VS2015 open and the moment that one thing starts screaming the loudest I can just alt-tab and satisfy that disturbance for a few minutes.

As any coder can tell you though task switching is itself a productivity killer. So I’m less productive overall, yes, but more productive than if I just waded on through trying to ignore the screaming insistence and feeling of urgency.

Sometimes though, it’s just too much, the demands just come constantly and there’s no single loudest impulse for more than a few seconds.

Even concentrating on writing this it’s difficult to maintain the focus.

So i’m going to have a shower, that sometimes quietens it for a bit, maybe make some lunch.