Health Update

Posted by | Posted in Life | Posted on 21-01-2017

So I’m not dead :)

Not in much danger of dying from the heart thing either. It turns out I have some kind of tachycardia which in my case, since there are many different ways it can affect you, means that my heart just tries to run too fast.

We always used to joke that I was overclocked as I was very hyperactive as child.
It transpires that we were right.

For the last few months I’ve been trying out some low dose medication in the form of cardio specific beta-blockers and they seem to be working. I had 2 months on them, a few weeks off, and then back on them.

The only trouble I’ve had was during the few weeks where I stopped taking them. Apparently I found a bouncey castle just a bit too much fun and had a take a rest to recover, otherwise I’d have collapsed.

This means that I will probably have to keep taking them forever however they’re a very low dose and I have had no side effects.

Of course this gets reviewed every six months, or each year, but for now I’m exercising again and much happier that I won’t be collapsing unexpectedly!