Not much to tell.

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So, New Years went with dancing dinosaur-Em at Holly’s after a brief tour of Beestonite parties. A little bit drunken but pretty quiet.

I’ve been talked into working with my old CEO Rik again, doing mobile Apps this time. Not sure how long I’ll do this for or if it’ll really suit me. Reasons for doing this are that it’s not in London, in fact it’s going to be mostly in my own house as I’ll be working remotely after the first couple of weeks.

Guess we’ll all see just how it goes. I do wish I knew wtf I was doing with my life sometimes.



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  1. Brown Betty’s next Monday? :D

  2. Happy New Year sir! I trust the sailing went well then?

    We should attempt to be in roughly the same location at some point in the near future, perhaps somewhere that serves alcoholic beverages?

  3. I thought you were going to be working for Sony?

  4. I have been, or had rather. We had even renegotiated my contract for this year but when I got back from sailing there were no emails about it and nothing on the contracting agencies portal either. So I carried on chatting to other people and I liked this offer. So I got in touch with Sony, and they would have liked me back, but I turned them down and … voila.

    Reasons were, Sony was in London, nothing I wrote ever made it into the codebase because management kept changing their minds, it was in London, the project just seemed a mess and it was in London.

  5. We should indeed, since I keep finding myself in pubs it seems a good choice!

  6. I get the feeling you don’t like london?

  7. Not keen, no.