The man from nowhere

Posted by | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 13-01-2012

Not a bad film (“The man from nowhere”), I watched it last night on LoveFilm to take a break from working. Got some awesome action bits and camera work although the story is a bit weak.

Earlier LJ was entirely in Russian for me, dunno why.

Pioneer has alpha 18 out today. Worth checking this out, I’ve been contributing bits n’ pieces too it for a while now but the major things I’ve been working on haven’t been finished yet. They probably never will be given the amount of work I’m doing at the moment.

Speaking of work… it’s, interesting. I’m actually raising the quality of the code we’re porting which is beyond mind bogglingly terrifying to think about. I don’t think this will pan out long term but right now it should pay the bills, once I actually start getting paid. Grrr.

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