Long time no post… no, not really

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gloomie_cookie┬áinforms me that she hasn’t posted for a year!

What have I been upto? It was my little sisters (she’s 30, not that little) wedding on Saturday, I wore a suit with tails, photos will be destroyed from orbit. It was a nice event, even the church blessing on Sunday was ok although I did have to sing… that wasn’t good. I think if you removed all of the other problems with religion there’d still be the singing and fucking retarded hymns to put me off.

Other than that, working, lots of working.

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  1. Glad you had a nice time at your sisters wedding. Agree 100% about the hymns. Apparently the plan is to play “All things bright and beautiful” at my Grandma’s funeral. I was wondering if I could get away with singing:

    All things bright and beautiful / All creatures great and small / All things wise and wonderful / The Lord God made them all EVOLUTION made them all!

  2. Ahh, I like the hymns. I had a great time belting out ‘Jerusalem’ off key at my brother’s wedding. Depends how serious they’re taken, I guess.

    I used to sometimes go with my Mum to a spiritualist church in Beeston (it was knocked down ages ago to make way for Tesco, don’t worry) years ago and they had some great hymns. I did crack up when we were singing about ‘God’s electric love chord’ though, that was a bit too much.

  3. God’s electric love chord sounds epic.