The two faces of Capitol

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I MADE THIS! …and it’s awesome :)

Essentially I translated the old Achenar star system, and seat of the Empire, from the Frontier/FFE details into the system we use for Pioneer and placed it out at the real system “Achernar” upon with it was based (the names are interchangeable). It gives everyone who used to love the old games a bit of a buzz and it’s an interesting star system in it’s own right. Future modifications will give the star it’s correct bulge due to it’s rate of spin.

Just to be clear, there is no Empire faction with it’s seat of power here in the Pioneer-verse, this is just the system made to look like the FFE one and it’s located at sector (4, -9, -16) so it’s a long way to jump out to it.

Really happy whenever anything I’ve done makes it into the main trunk on Pioneer, it gives an overwhelming sense of achievement, even if it is only using some Google-fu, doing some simple maths and then a bit of typing.

One side is lit by Achernar, the other is lit by Achernar 9 (a brown dwarf sub-stellar object).

This should be available in the next Alpha build and probably in the nightly ones pretty soon.

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  1. it would be cooler to give the star x and y coordinates on the herzprung-russel diagram. That way you get size and colour out of that. Of course you wouldn’t be able to do cepheid variables, but it would still be cool.