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To avoid repeating some of the things I’ve been saying on Google+:

“Overall I’m feeling a little “meh” about the XboxOne. It seems as though it can now do all the things that I’m currently using the PS3 and Xbox360 for… but I already have both of those. In fact whilst the PS3 is on literally every single day I haven’t turned on the Xbox360 in a few months because the PS3 does everything that I could want it to do for the foreseeable future.

All of the extra stuff (skype/facebook/not-always-but-sort-on/video-in+out/etc) is all stuff that I either actively don’t want or don’t like.”


“Yes, it seems as though the new XboxOne will do a lot of the things that they’ve belatedly allowed the Xbox360 to do after the PS3 did them first (NetFlix, LoveFilm, etc).

Only it will also come with a boatload of things that Iactively don’t want it to do (Always on, Kinect+, Facebook, Skype, etc) that they could have enabled on the Xbox360 anyway but haven’t.

Meanwhile they’ve forgotten that the reason I’d have bought an XboxOne would be for the games and instead are releasing a console much weaker than the PS4.

If Halo4 had been good enough then I might have bought one, I’ve been a big fan of the Xbox since developing for the first one (that’s not at all confusing…) was such a pleasure compared to the PS2. The Xbox360 continued that by being much nicer to make games for than the PS3.

Seems to have all gone wrong this time around.”

Pretty much sums up how I feel about it all.


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  1. I agree really. I have a feeling that MS are responding to the alleged future apple-tv and are trying to get a chunk of that before apple do whatever they do if they ever do. Personally I am waiting for the SteamBox.

  2. Watching MS screwup this generation so far has been baffling. They’ve been adept at telling people all of the wrong things, launching without showing any games and enthusing on the stuff that you won’t be able to do with it.

    There’s things about the hardware/software which I can’t talk about too which just leave us scratching our heads.

    I think the net result is that I’m returning the gaming master race, my PC. It already *IS* my SteamBox. I could even hook it upto my huge TV and use BigScreen mode and a game pad if I could just persuade Danni to let me ;)