I quit Pitbull before it became Epic UK.

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It seems I never mentioned that I had quit Pitbull Studio before it got bought out by Epic Games to become Epic Games UK.

So yeah that’s a thing that I did :)

Why?” you might reasonably ask as it doesn’t seem like a particularly great decision on the surface.

There are a few reasons with the main ones being:

  • When we were going through the process I was getting the feeling they didn’t want to have people remote working regularly – which I did 100% of the time.
  • I didn’t want to be working on tools anymore and that’s all that I was doing – tools to me are a means to an end, it’s the END that I’m interested on.
  • Another chance came up at about the right time that was working on games, remotely, for more pay, with people I knew and liked.

So you see that it kind of makes sense towards the end there.

Pitbull was good to me, the guys who work there are great, dealing with Epic was mostly great and UE4 is very interesting and some of the best tech’ I’ve ever worked on. It was just time to leave and get back to doing the things that I wanted to do before I got dragged into Tools development by the drag anchor of my mortgage commitments.


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